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Actually there have been no holidays and I'm kind of out of spoons, but hey.

1. Got new fish tank, adjusted 2X4s on stand going with said fish tank so I can reach in the damn thing.
2. Moved fish from old tank to new tank
3. Got more plants for both tanks, because anything beats algae
4. Played too much fucking WoW and Guild Wars 2
5. Procrastinated doing anything useful due to above
6. Got sat on by cat a lot
7. Got whined at by cat a lot, who is convinced she is going to wither and blow away if I don't give her treats RIGHT NOW.  Mind you, said cat is seventeen and not showing it, so I'll take what I can get from Fraulein Coconut.
8. Tried vehemently to ignore anything about Captain Covfefe on news, because rage induced aneurysm, depression, or anxiety induced fetal position doesn't get anything done.  Except for special investigations.  We bought schadenfreude takeout just to celebrate that.
9.  Read Bloom County as a coping measure.
10.  Uh... I don't have a number 10.  I lead a boring life.
10a.  Okay, I am trying to redo some shitty canvases I painted a few years ago.  Details.

Blarg, work to come.  And my heel spurs are already saying 'nope'.
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 Currently flat on my back in bed with eight pounds of well aged cat meat on my stomach and work was kind of aggro inducing.  

Pondering whether my napping or my need to pee wins first. 
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Nothing like dealing with the most intelligent *cough cough hack ackth* of the customer base during the holiday season, even on part time.  *smash head*  If you weren't misanthropic before, you certainly will be afterwards.  Combined with chronic introversion and uncertain mood due to possible medical flux, and it's a scene set for HIGH ENTERTAINMENT!

Also what with trying to set my sleep schedule to something other than 'vampire', physical exam which involved donation of some precious bodily fluid, and the non-zero chance of shoving a CPAP up my snoot by February, and there's reasons why certain inhabitants of my head exist to vent my aggro.

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Spending the evening relocating my fish tank and putting everything/ one back in.  Mostly getting there, but it's a damn good thing I don't mind algae funk too much, because hoooeee.

At least I have tomorrow off, too.

The fish, needless to say, are not amused.
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Ignore the annoying commercial. It's worth it.

Edit: Never mind, found the same thing without.
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